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the future to your strategic opportunities

Strategic plans and decisions are too often based on historical data and past experience. But being competitive in the rapidly evolving healthcare environment requires improved methods and insights.

StratMap empowers your decision makers as it collects, organizes, and synthesizes information on technologies, trends, competitors and potentially disruptive changes.

Envision and anticipate the future, given key change drivers and trends

Quickly reference organized source materials to determine implications and draw insights

Understand industry evolution and implications for your current and future business

Connect external market dynamics to your strategic direction

Identify actionable opportunities to pursue through R&D or Business Development

Knowledge Management Platform

Align strategic paths and advance actionable opportunities

Development line

Strategic Insight

Creating and managing brand or therapeutic area strategy is an organizational effort and critical to achieving market success. The volume of information sits across multiple formats and various locations such as a hard drives, email, shared sites, external partner sites, paper binders and…“personal databases”. Once a strategic plan is complete teams are often challenged with identifying white or gray areas that are essential to drilling into how strategic decisions and directives were made.


Collect and standardize all disparate franchise or product source/reference documents


Key external market drivers each at the franchise or product level


Trends, opportunities and potential risks found within StratMap


Commercial Strategy (or Target Product Profile) with identified trends, opportunities and risks


Advance Actionable opportunities to pursue through commercial, R&D and business development

Identify, Organize & Interpret

Prepare for market evolution and prioritize opportunities for focused innovation

Identify and Source Relevant Data

Data and reference information can be found in many forms across the organization. Gray or white space will be populated by the change drivers.

Organize by Key Market Drivers of Change

Whether at the Franchise or Product level Key Market Drivers are organized to visualize trends, opportunities and potential risks ahead.

Interpret the Trends and Indicators

Understanding and interpreting of the opportunities and potential risks ahead provides the franchise or brand concrete evidence to execute and update strategic decisions.

Therapeutic Innovation

New diagnostics and treatment options

Competitive Landscape

Pipelines and future commercial leadership

Personalized Standard of Care

Evolution in care pathways

New Health Economics

Payer requirements, incentives, and restrictions

Patient Engagement

Where and how patients influence treatment selection

Optivara Solution Access

Portal to future trends and indicators of change

Browser Based Accessibility

Wherever you are, if you have Wi-Fi access, the StratMap is accessible.

Ease of Reference

Whether at the franchise or product level, reference material for each indicator is located in a single, easy-to-view, table.

Strategic Alignment

Data can easily be exported to PowerPoint so internal alignment can be obtained through distribution to colleagues and executive-level presentation.

How do I StratMap?

Synthesizing, understanding and capitalizing on opportunities is a heavy task. We can help.

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