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in a subjective world

Optimal launch sequencing is essential to achieving peak sales for any global product. Yet the planning process is often subjective, qualitative, disparate and ad hoc.

GeoSequence’s current data and advanced analytics are crucial to optimized product planning and value in today’s complex global market.

How do countries rank in attractiveness relative to each other?

Which countries, when, and why to select and prioritize for new launches?

Where should I invest in geographic expansion and why?

What countries will deliver the most productive revenue, patient capture, new product uptake, etc.?

Who’s Hot, Who’s Hotter

Relative attractiveness of each product/country opportunity

attractiveness index

Attractiveness Index:

Identifies multiple independent variables via credible, global data sources. The Optivara algorithm documents and indexes variables within each criteria, and overall, to create an Attractiveness Index for a specific product in each country of interest.

Prioritize product launches by country and region to capitalize on market dynamics in both developed and emerging countries.

Objectively define attractiveness of potential acquisitions, partnerships and products.

Capitalize on the power of “global data” and Optivara’s ability to collect and display data in an intuitive, integrated application.



Country’s capacity for consuming healthcare



Scope of the targeted disease in the country



Potential for the population to afford and obtain the product(s)



Ease of doing business in the country and providing a new Rx to patients in need



Expected ability to realize revenue potential based on a country’s approach to pricing

It’s Always Go Time

Make informative decisions along development stages

GeoSequence Phases

Prediction on the Fly

The best models incorporate both quantitative analytics and qualitative insights. Global launch sequencing is a complex task requiring input from corporate stakeholders to global affiliate offices. Organizations often struggle with creating a standard by which they can identify and rank opportunities that exist beyond the top 10, or tier 1, countries.

Using global data, and leveraging internal expertise, GeoSequence strategically addresses country-level challenges and creates an adaptable model for organizational excellence. As the market evolves and more data become available, GeoSequence fine-tunes scenarios to minimize costly delays and ensure maximum profitability.

Phase 1

Determine country attractiveness for regulatory filings, clinical trial coverage, and country fit.

Phase 2

Define country and regional scope for regulatory filing and country information needs.

Beginning of Phase 3

Finalize country/regional scope for product filing and relevance for clinical trial information.

End of Phase 3

Finalize country launch order based on country readiness and investment requirements.

Optivara Speaks Success

Go world-wide with global data integration

Leading the Way

GeoSequence guides strategies for country preparedness, commercial infrastructure investment, in-and out-licensing, sales and marketing collaborations, and opportunity forecasting.

Powerful Combination

Global data integration, proprietary analytics, and meaningful visualizations and dashboards combine to provide real-time evidence-based answers to critical business questions.

Are You Ready to GeoSequence?

Many clients know their top 10 launch countries, but what about the rest of the world?

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