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Products & Partnerships

Maximizing global products and partnerships requires considerable system, individual and contractual knowledge. This information often resides in disparate locations and requires time and a critical eye to gather and synthesize.

GeoDecision provides a single-source platform that allows global team members to quickly access, analyze and create scenarios for global commercialization efforts.

Catalog inventory of products, partners, company presence by key, customizable business parameters

Identify untapped opportunities by product, region or partner; for example, flag countries where product is eligible to sell but is not yet commercialized

Prioritize geographies for product optimization based on objective, quantifiable attractiveness rankings

Graphically map all countries/regions where license is held by a specific company, or map all countries where regulatory approval is pending

Access Key Modules

Optimize current global portfolio and prioritize geographic reach


Query and review inventory of products, regulatory status, commercial status, etc. to identify in-and out-licensing opportunities and partnerships.


Opportunity Finder

Menu-driven intelligence function allows for scenario reporting on various types of opportunities at the country or regional level.


Optimize global resources by prioritizing new product launch based on objective, quantifiable attractiveness rankings.


Enhanced mapping functionality provides fast insights on opportunities for commercializing or partnering, and alternative ways to report information.

Optivara Understands

Simplifying global access to your resources is our goal

Global Insight

GeoDecision guides strategies for country preparedness, commercial infrastructure investment, in-and out-licensing, sales and marketing collaborations, and opportunity forecasting. Global data integration, proprietary analytics, and meaningful dashboards combine to provide real-time, evidence-based answers to critical business questions.


Single Global Platform

Optivara’s solutions use the power of disparate global data, segmented by disease area, so users can evaluate multiple scenarios on demand. Numerous independent sources continually update our data warehouse, so clients can prioritize across more than 200 countries and regions.

To GeoDecision or Not?

Global resources require global solutions that adapt to your environment.

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