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management of pharma business development through dashboard analytics, data visualizations and automated reporting

BD RADAR is a BD management and monitoring platform which assembles, analyzes and generates reports on current and historic BD project progression data.

Designed for executive-level users, or entire team – no special computer skills required. Users can more effectively evaluate progress, track key metrics, and automatically generate and publish reports using various customizable templates.



Global BD dashboard with summary metrics and drill down to project details


Quantitative progress and performance analytics


Identification of impaired projects, groups, therapeutic areas, etc.,


Discovery and mitigation of systematic obstacles in BD project progression


Automated identification of data gaps


Reports exportable to PowerPoint and Excel

db-radar process

Optivara Enabled:

  • Executive access to global views and metrics
  • Drill down ability for project details and summaries
  • Quick indicators of current project statuses
  • Methods to identify systematic obstacles in workflow
  • Elevated project transparency and accountability
  • Data compliance checks and reports
  • One click report generation and publishing


  • Visualization of real-time deal status across BD team
  • Increased Executive adoption and utilization of database
  • Enhanced data quality and update frequency
  • Improved “rule-in / rule-out” decision-making process by utilizing advanced analytics
  • Reduction in days per deal stage
  • Improved productivity of highly skilled resources
  • Increased staff accountability


case study


Top 10 multinational pharmaceutical company


Business Development function

Business Need:

  • Client sought to increase Executive adoption of INOVA’s database while adding additional functionality
  • Executive users with limited computer skills required an easy to navigate and intuitive user interface
  • Enhanced metrics which could provide the various real-time insights that Executives consistently sought
  • Automation of multiple monthly reports along with an interactive document hub for storage and access

Project Deliverables:

Optivara was engaged not only to develop a software solution to improve business development efficiency, but to increase speed and quality of transaction evaluations and project decisions

Data and Analytics Dashboard

  • Develop two interactive dashboards with intuitive user interfaces
  • Present high level summary data including the ability for users to drill down to project-level granularity in areas of interest

Report Generator Tool

  • Develop a BD report generator tool to automatically produce pre-defined group reports
  • Provide a menu of available reports to produce presentation-ready slide decks


  • Interviewed senior management and key stakeholders to identify relevant user requirements, desired metrics, data sources, display layouts, data update frequency, and optimal access.
  • Provided a documented design specification for client’s approval based on compiled information gained from interviews.
  • Developed program framework to accept multiple data inputs, cleaning and transformed each prior to importing.
  • Created dynamic and interactive dashboards while incorporating key features and functionalities to yield immediate answers.
  • Utilized vector graphics software to design buttons, icons, images, and logos for a rich looking user interface.
  • Developed a report generator for one-touch creation of company’s standard reports.
  • Created an internal report database to store program-generated reports along with uploaded reports from other groups.

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