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Optivara Solutions Overview


to your strategic questions through our up-to-date, relevant global data, analytical tools and insights

Where are the best opportunities to leverage products and partnerships globally or regionally?

Where should we prioritize expanding global presence? Which countries will deliver the fastest uptake?

How do we ensure the entire organization is aligned and ready for global product launch?

What will the future market, product, and competitive landscape look like and how can we capitalize on it?

solutions across all stages
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Every Step of the Way

Individually or as a platform, our solutions optimize pipeline revenues

GeoSequenceObjectively determine country launch sequence

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Prioritize product launches by country and region to capitalize on market dynamics and growth/penetration opportunities in both developed and emerging countries

Objectively define attractiveness of potential new/acquisition/partnership products

Scenario Modeling, Analytics & Reporting Tool

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SMART is a financial modeling framework that enables the quick generation and comparison of forecasts based on a range of inputs to a diffusion model.

Business Development-Rapid Analytics Dashboard & Automated Reporting

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BD RADAR is a BD management and monitoring platform which assembles, analyzes and generates reports on current and historic BD project progression data.

Optimize new product launch with best practice planning and global team alignment

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Ensure accelerated sales revenue growth trajectory through use of product launch planning tools and best practices

Communicate and guide global/regional/country commercial dimensions and establish initiatives to measure and realize your products’ full commercial value

Prepare for market evolution and prioritize opportunities for focused innovation

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Kick-start internal team ability to develop winning strategies for company, business unit, product or new innovation

Anticipate market evolution and “beacons of opportunity” and build plans to capitalize on those opportunities while mitigating risks

Inventory and mine existing business opportunities

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Identify, prioritize and track untapped product or partnership/supply chain opportunities on a country-by-country basis

Display global product status, expansion and alliance priorities, geographic maps and plans instantaneously to enhance decision-making and communication

Optivara’s Global Data

Solutions powered by quantitative and qualitative analytics

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With multiple sources continually updating our data warehouse, we help clients optimize strategic decisions and global tactical plans. Optivara’s suite of proprietary solutions are designed to enable clients to accelerate, grow and drive revenues and profits across more than 150 countries.

All of Optivara’s solutions can function individually or as a platform to support each step of a company’s path to maximize revenues and profits – across more than 150 countries.

We practice what we preach…global optimization and collaboration to drive your business.

We speak Life Science strategy. Do you?

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