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Our client’s Business Development (BD) organization wanted better project visibility, more collaborative evaluations, and faster, more evidence-based decision-making.  Implementation of BD Radar™ is making an impactful difference for them.


In our recent deployment, leadership at a top 15 biopharmaceutical company wanted better visibility into their ongoing BD projects with the goal of highlighting and removing bottlenecks in the evaluation process. After thoroughly understanding their needs, Optivara customized BD Radar™ functionality to provide executives with a visually-intuitive dashboard which benchmarks each project’s current progress and highlights critical or unexpected events. Additionally, the reporting functionality was tailored to provide executives with automated monthly reports in their preferred format. This new high-level view into their BD project portfolios and teams has provided unique insights which are helping to drive their ongoing management decisions.

BD Radar™ elevates performance by facilitating the screening, selection, evaluation, and management of BD projects. By utilizing multiple information sources, segmenting by geography, functional group, and therapeutic area, both project status and progress can be assessed and compared more quickly and precisely. Data analytics and intuitive visualizations are at the core of BD Radar™, and these provide users with a deeper and more holistic understanding of their BD activities, as well as flagging process or resource issues. The ability to view a consolidated BD portfolio, and instantly drill down to rich project detail creates a new line-of-sight into individual project activity and critical factors.

BD Radar™ enables teams to more efficiently manage BD processes while helping to resolve the most common problems faced by pharma deal makers today (as shown below). Let us demonstrate how BD Radar™ can have an immediate impact on your business. Contact us at BDRadar@Optivara.com.